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Student Council Meeting Attendance

The GSSC Constiution states in Article III, Section 3, Subsection c:

  • If a member must miss a meeting s/he shall contact the Vice President of Communications, barring unforeseen emergencies, at least one day in advance in order to be considered excused.
    • A member may not have unexcused absences from two consecutive meetings, or miss five meetings during the course of the academic year. In the event that a member violates this policy, the Vice President of Communications will make additional attempts to contact the individual. If, following these attempts, the absences are not excused, the council will begin impeachment hearings.
    • If a council member is absent from a GSSC meeting, s/he shall submit a written report to the rest of council prior to the meeting, when possible.
    • If a council member is absent from a meeting relevant to her/his position, that member will obtain all necessary information to keep the GSSC updated.

    It is in the spirit of accountability to the students of the School of General Studies that we keep track of and list unexcused absences for public view.

    Unexcused absences are listed below - 

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