Student Life

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Thank you for visiting the Student Life Committee page.  Here is a list of the GSSC's Student Life Committee members.  Feel free to contact us with event ideas for the 2010-2011 year.  You may also contact us if you have suggestions/requests you would like the committee to work on this year.  The Student Life Committee can be contacted via email at:  Or, you can email us individually using the following email addresses.  We look forward to serving you for the 2010-2011 academic  year.  Please come out and support our events whenever possible.  Also, please join us on facebook for event invites, and reminders.  The link for our facebook page is:  

Student Life Committee: 

VP Student Life - Kelly Braga -

Delegate-at-Large Student Life - Jennifer Wisdom -

Social Chair - Marita Wright -

Senior Class President - Henry Wells -

Senior Class VP - Kristen Hutzler -

Junior Class President - Wojtek Skrzypczak -

Junior Class VP - Nicole Morgan - 

Sophomore Class President - Josif Patito-

Sophomore Class VP - Angelica Hoyos -

First-Year Class Presient - Joshua Lewin-Jacus -

First-Year Class VP - Svetlana Shammasova -

Alumni Affairs and CCE Representative - XiXi Fu -

Working Students' Representative - Alexander Lee -

International Students' Representative - Kristiina Wells -

For financial questions regarding the Student Life Committee, please contact:

Comptroller - Kevin McWilliams -


We look forward to hearing from you.  Please feel free to let us know how you are doing.  Our facebook page is a great way of letting us know if you have been to an event recently, and if you enjoyed it.  We always appreciate feedback!  And, you are welcome to attend our meetings anytime (every Tuesday night, 9-10pm, in Satow - 5th floor, Lerner)  

-Kelly Braga & the Student Life Committee 2010-2011-