GSSC Weekly Message 10/5/2008

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From: Brody Berg
Date: Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 11:42 PM
Subject: GSSC Weekly Message

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of General Studies,

This week we cover some important topics from the first housing walkthrough, student health, updates made to Lerner and we announce the first Sunday Brunch.

Event Update on (

* GS Brunch - Make Your Own Sushi
* Upcoming Free Excel Workshop for GS
* Community @ Large Spotlight: America Reads

In this message:

* Sunday Brunch
* October Housing Walkthrough (150 photos!!!)
* Student Health
* GS Technologists
* International Students
* Lerner Building Changes
* Student Services

Sunday Brunch:

VP of Student Life, Lisa Fishenfeld ( has announced the first Sunday Bunch. Please join us on Sunday, October 12th, for food, fun and a chance to relax with friends.

October Housing Walkthrough

Before we get started, if you live in "GS Housing" and know of empty units please contact VP of Policy, Michael Rain (

Curious about what Columbia University Apartments look like? Want to compare your unit with other units? Check out the nearly 150 photos from the walkthrough done today by Student Body President, Brody Berg, and VP of Policy, Michael Rain.

* A one-bedroom at 906 W. 122nd Street -
* The Nussbaum Building -
* A K&R Leased Building: 963 Columbus -

Thank to all the GSers who opened their apartments to us, and gave us tours. We really appreciate the service you've done to your fellow students.

Help us out, let us know if you want to let us walk through your building! Contact VP of Policy, Michael Rain ( for details.

Student Health:

There is a new committee which is exploring the issue of smoking on campus among undergraduates. The goal of the committee is to look at the issue in an unbiased way and result in improvements for people on campus. If you have thoughts about this please let Student Services Representative, Davima Broadbelt ( know.

GS Technologists:

If you like technology in any sense, or commonly find yourself doing things like putting Windows on a MacBook Pro you should join the new GS Technologists Google Group created by our own Paul Dix ( The goal is to share about projects, ask technical questions and to socialize. Check it out here:

International Students:

International Students: The GSSC is interested in your story. We want to know how we can hel to improve your life here at GS. We invite you to share your experiences with us by emailing our VP of Policy, Michael Rain (

Lerner Building Changes:

This summer Lerner building management began work to install building maps to the Lerner Lobby. They are also working on a survey of all furniture to make sure everything is properly maintained. In the next couple of months the VP of Communication, Evan Madeo ( will also be working with the Lerner staff to put GS-specific updates on new flatscreens that will be on the Lerner ramp.

Student Services:

This week, Student Body President, Brody Berg ( is meeting with leaders from Student Services ( Ahead of that meeting if you have anything to share, good or bad about the bookstore, Health Services, the ID Center, Mail Services, Print Services, the Registrar, Student Financial Services, CCIT and Transportation email Brody Berg.

Question of the week:

Do you have a question you just can't get answered? Give the council a try! If you have a question email VP of Communication, Evan Madeo (

Q. How do I get into the Broadway entrance of Lerner when it won't let me in?
A. When you swipe your CUID, wait for the blinking light on the card reader to stop blinking, then swipe and you should be ok.

Q. Is it possible to write a paper about Dale Earnhardt Jr. in Literature Humanities?
A. Sure is


Brody Berg

Student Body President
General Studies Student Council 2008-09
Columbia University

(646) 573-3735