Weekly Update 9/29/2008

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From: Brody Berg
Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 8:30 AM
Subject: GSSC Weekly Message
To: gsba@cuvmc.ais.columbia.edu

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of General Studies,

This week is Homecoming week. Both the Homecoming carnival and Lerner Pub happen Thursday and the week culminates with the football game Saturday - join the GS group going to the game!

Event update: Here is this weeks event update at http://gslounge.com/node/611

In this message:

* Homecoming + Lerner Pub (All GS Students with 2id's Invited!)
* Student Auxiliary and Business Services
* Council Committee meeting times
* Question of the week

Homecoming + Lerner Pub:

Homecoming is an annual celebration where we welcome alumni back to campus. The GSSC assisted in planning events this week for the Homecoming Carnival and also we will be at the game as well.

Thursday at 6-9pm on the South Lawn is the Homecoming Carnival:

Enjoy free food, play fun games, see students perform, win cool prizes,
have fun and feel the lion pride! Get your admission wristband simply by showing your school ID at the Ticket Information Center (TIC) in Lerner Hall anytime starting Wednesday, Oct 1st. Raindate: Friday, October 3rd 6-9pm in Roone Arledge Auditorium.

Following the Carnival is Lerner Pub (All GS Students with 2 id's are invited!). Lerner Pub is a great chance to get out and relax for a couple hours with your friends, free beverages and snacks included, all at the convenient location of the Lerner Party space down the ramp. Thursday 10pm to 12am

Saturday is the football game vs. Princeton at 1:30pm at Wien Stadium. Look for details later in the week about group travel plans from the 116th Columbia gates. If you are interested in attending the game with the GS group email VP of Student Life, Lisa Fishenfeld (lnf2104@columbia.edu)

Student Auxiliary and Business Services (Housing):

Last week I met with the entire division of Student Auxiliary and Business Services. This division runs nearly all of the services for Columbia College students from dining to the Office of Disability Services to Housing, to shuttles etc. There is no such umbrella service division for General Studies students. I wrote up my conclusions following the meeting here: http://gslounge.com/node/607 .

Housing is the issue facing GS students this division most impacts. They don't run GS housing, University Apartment Housing (UAH) does, but along with the GS University Senator, Paige Lampkin, and my VP of Policy, Michael Rain we are working to identify ways to speak with various members of this division and UAH to seek tangible improvements in the housing situation. Some of these improvements could happen soon (next semester) and some of them could come to fruition years down the road.

Council Committee Meeting Times:

The student council welcomes you to attend any/all of our committee meetings.

Finance Committee: Monday's 4-5pm in the Student Government Office (SGO), 5th floor of Lerner
Communication Committee: Monday's 5-6pm in the SGO
Policy Committee: Monday's 7-8pm in the SGO

We are looking for excellent candidates for the roles of Social Chair and Delegate at Large for Student Life. To learn more about these positions read our description of open roles and email VP of Student Life, Lisa Fishenfeld (lnf2104@columbia.edu) if you are interested in either of these two slots.

Question of the Week:

Do you have a question you just can't get answered? Give the council a try! If you have a question email VP of Communication Evan Madeo (ecm2128@columbia.edu)

Q: I am interested in finding out more about the Varsity Show. Are GSers traditionally involved? How can I find out who to contact if I want to be in the Varsity Show this year?

A: Great question. GS students have been involved in the past. In fact, a GS student was in one of the leads the year before last. There is no reason why you can't audition. For more info, check out their website - http://www.thevarsityshow.com/

Thanks - and good luck with those early mid-terms etc etc.

Brody Berg

Student Body President
General Studies Student Council 2008-09
Columbia University

(646) 573-3735