Weekly Update 2/10/2008

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Brody Berg
General Studies Student Council 2007-08
Vice President of Communication
Columbia University


(646) 573-3735

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of General Studies,

are just 20 days until the 9th Annual General Studies Gala! This is the
most elegant party of the year, for General Studies students and their
guests only and is a wonderful tradition. Purchase your tickets online now.

Special this Week:

Get involved with the Student Council:

  • Policy:
    Participate in the constitutional review or help work on resolutions
    about improving the General Studies experience and life around campus. Add to your calendar.
  • Finance: Learn more about how the student council allocates funds, be part of the process. Add to your calendar.
  • Student Life:
    Bring your ideas for ways to improve life on campus - from hole
    punchers to holiday parties. See your class representatives working to
    build great events for you and your classmates. Add to your calendar.
  • Communication: How can we communicate more effectively with students, administration, alumni and the other schools? Your ideas are welcome. Add to your calendar.

The University-wide Calendar: (see The Prototype)

  • Member of a student group? Share your Google calendar with cucalendars@gmail.com and it will soon appear on the new, University-wide Calendar the Communication committee is building.
  • Member of the Columbia University Administration? You too can add
    your organization public calendar to the University-wide calendar -
    contact Brody Berg for details - and solutions. 
  • Member of a Student council, governing board or some other
    executive committee? We'd love to share your calendar with the entire
    Columbia University community as well - share your Google calendar with

Weekly Updates:

  1. Change the World: Engineers Without Borders: Ghana
  2. Fun: Gamenight
  3. Relax: Yoga Retreat
  4. Alumni: Annual Recent Alumni Cocktail Reception
  5. Contest: Design the Senior Week Logo
  6. Student Groups: Activities Board Group Recognition Deadline 2/17
  7. Get Involved: Community @ Large Textbooks for Blind/Dyslexic Students
  8. Get Involved: Community @ Large: Food Drive
  9. Play: Intramural Softball
  10. Employment: Job Search workshop for Seniors


1. Change the World: Engineers Without Borders: Ghana

What: Columbia University's EWB-Ghana team is excited to
announce the opening for a project leader position, to join the
existing team of 10-15 students and  growing EWB organization, of
Engineers Without Borders at Columbia University. EWB-Columbia
currently implements projects within communities in three countries:
India, Uganda, and Ghana.

EWB-Ghana is seeking a project leader to lead in the development of
project design for the Spring 2008-Spring 2009 year. A project leader
for EWB-Ghana is needed to lead in vision and motivation for the
EWB-Ghana team's year of activities. Such activities will include
assessment and implementation of a project in EWB-Ghana's communities,
communications with EWB chapters in Ghana, establishment of
partnerships with on-the-ground NGO's and stakeholders in Ghana, and
identification and management of grants and donating partners.

Where: Sakyikrom and Obodan, Ghana
When: Spring 2008-Spring 2009 year


2. Fun: Gamenight

What: Board Games and Bar Food

Taboo, Monopoly, Karaoke, UNO and tons of other games. Come out and
join us for relaxing night of games, etc hosted by the SGA and the

When:  Thursday, February 21, 7 until 10pm
Who: GS AND BC student body
Where: Lewis Parlor in Brooks on the Barnard campus
Price: FREE

3. Relax: Yoga Retreat

What: Yoga Retreat

Start off the semester with a restorative yoga retreat. 90 minute
vinyasa yoga practice Workshop/Discussion Kirtan (chanting of vedic
mantras with the accompaniment of instruments) A fantastic vegetarian

When:  Sunday, February 17 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Where:  Lower East Side - 25 First Avenue (between 1st & 2nd st)
Price:  $12*

Contact: To RSVP contact Monique Long @ mal2118@columbia.edu

*includes free GS tee

4. Alumni: Annual Recent Alumni Cocktail Reception

All donors of $25 or more to the GS Annual Fund are invited to this
event. Any donation of $5 qualifies you as a participant to the
annual fund drive, however, consider donating $25 and attend this
event and meet recent grads (years 1-4 out). A $100 donation
qualifies you as an alumni associate.

Ways of giving include:

-Our new GS donors' website!: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/gs/giving/
-Come by office hours of Senior Class Prez and VP, Chikodi and Monique every Thursday beteen 4 and 5.
-Flex account
-Pay in installments (convenient if you would like to make a larger donation)

What: Annual Recent Alumni Cocktail Reception
When: This Wednesday, February 13th 6:30 until 9pm

Hope to see you there!

5. Contest: Design the Senior Week Logo


Come up with an amazing graphic design to promote the Senior Cruise
and win $50 and two free tickets to the cruise itself. The second
contest is for commencement. Last year's grads waved finish line
flags from the bleachers.  Do you have an idea that would be
visually striking for the class of 2008? Let us know. You could win
$50 if the senior committee picks your idea.

Contact: Monique Long mal2118@columbia.edu for more details.

6. Student Groups: Activities Board Group Recognition Deadline 2/17

What: The deadline for getting a new group recognized by the
Activities Board at Columbia (ABC) is Sunday, February 17, at 11:59pm.
For more, go to http://www.columbia.edu/cu/abc/recognition.html and download an application.

Contact: Be sure to send one copy in electronic form to Young Yoo (youngheeyoo@gmail.com) and submit a hard copy to the ABC Mailbox on the 5th Floor of Lerner Hall in the Student Club Space.

Questions: Any questions can be emailed to abc_exec@columbia.edu

7. Get Involved: Community @ Large Textbooks for Blind/Dyslexic Students
What: Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (www.rfbd.org)
is a non-profit organization that provides recordings of textbooks for
visually impaired and dyslexic individuals.  They have a constant need
for volunteers and the The General Studies Student Council Community @
Large Committee is hoping to get a group of students together to go
through the orientation & training ( 6-8 hours) process together,to
be done over two days in the next few weeks - after which students can
freely schedule as many or as few hours of recording textbooks

Contact: Please contact Elizabeth at ela2108@columbia.edu for more information about joining the Community @ Large Committee group or about completing the proccess as an individual.


8. Get Involved: Community @ Large: Food Drive


Community @ Large Committee is hosting a February Food Drive. 
Beginning on February 14th and ending on the last day of February,
we're hoping to well-exceed our 50-pound minimum - which will then be
taken by Community Harvest and distributed to the hungry throughout New
York.  When you run quickly (to Morton-Williams or HamDel or M2M or
wherever you shop!) for a snack-break, take a second to pick up an
extra packet of macaroni or beans on your way to studying at the Lounge!

All items to be donated must be:
In their original, unopened packages
Within the expiration date on the package
In plastic or metal jars or containers, not glass

Where: Lewisohn

Contact: To get involved with the food drive or with C@LC in
general, please go to the C@LC website or contact Elizabeth Alonso
Hallifax with any questions.

9. Play: Intramural Softball

What: Softball

There is an opportunity to play some ball this semester. The
intramural softball double elimination tournament is coming soon for
spring 2008 season. The equipment, umpires, and the wonderful Baker
field diamond are provided, what needed is players. Both guys and girls
of all levels are welcome to participate (must be an undergraduate and
NOT a varsity or junior varsity ball player).

When: The tournament is expected to take place over one or two weekends in April.

Price: The equipment, umpires, and the wonderful Baker field diamond are provided.

Contact: All willing to play for Team GS please e-mail by Friday, March 14 Sergei Kuznetsov, GS '09

10. Employment: Job Search workshop for Seniors

The Job Search for Seniors: Tools and Techniques to Secure Your First Job.

Are you a senior and feeling anxious about what to do after
graduation?  Come to this informative and interactive workshop where we
will explore the tools and techniques to secure your first job out of

When: February 8th from 2-3pm and March 10th from 6-7pm
Where: Center for Career Education