Weekly Update 12/10/2007

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Brody Berg
General Studies Student Council 2007-08
Vice President of Communications
Columbia University

(646) 573-3735

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of General Studies,

This is the weekly update. If you have any questions or comments let me know.

GSSC Sticker

Study Week:

Happy studying and good luck

  • In
    order to make study week easier, The Communication Committee will be
    providing extra staplers, staples, file folders, candies and take-out
    menus to the Lewisohn General Studies Lounge beginning tomorrow
  • If you think there is something else we could add let Brody Berg know (bcb2115@columbia.edu)
  • We tried for a microwave, but couldn't find a way to get one into the Lounge
    • For a microwave, you can find one in the Uris cafe and on the second floor cafe of Lerner
    • Uris cafe also has a toaster


  1. Performance: Columbia Ballet Collaborative
  2. Survey: What do you think of the Spec?
  3. Event: Breakfast for Seniors and December Grads
  4. Event: National Institute of Health Lecture
  5. Event: ORGO Night!
  6. Event: Midnight Breakfast!
  7. Program: Environmental Summer Internship Program
  8. Program: NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships

1. Performance: Columbia Ballet Collaborative

The Premiere of The Columbia Ballet Collaborative
"Take a break from life/studying and enjoy beautiful dance"
Host: The Columbia Ballet Collaborative
When: Friday, December 14th & 15th at 8:00pm

Where: Streng Studio, Barnard College (through Barnard Gates, take a right & enter through Barnard Annex)

3 New Works
choreography Emily Hayden/music by Moby
choreography Ashlee Knapp/music by Philip Glass

choreography Lydia Walker & Philip Askew/music by J.S. Bach

& the NYC premier of Moon Roses
choreography by Bonnie Scheibman
music by Bruce Novack

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:


2. Survey: What do you think of the Spec?

"Dear students, neighbors, faculty and administrators,

As part of Spectator's bid to better represent and inform its readers,
we have generated a short readership survey that will aid us in
understanding your thoughts and concerns. We hope you will consent to
spending five minutes on the questionnaire, which is quickly accessible
on our Web site at http://columbiaspectator.com/survey/.
By participating in Spec's survey, you not only contribute valuable
insight to us, but you will have the chance to enter a random drawing
and win a free iPod!

As always, you can contact Spectator at info@columbiaspectator.com. For other contact and policy information, visit
our About Us page.
We look forward to hearing from you--

Thank you!"

3. Event: Breakfast for Seniors and December Grads

What: Breakfast for Seniors and December Grads
When: Tuesday, December 11, 930 until 1130
Where: Faculty House, the Harrison Room on the 2nd Floor

We'd like to congratulate you and recognize your accomplishments by

hosting an intimate celebration in your honor.

Before you begin preparing for finals, you're invited to
breakfast at the Faculty House this Tuesday for one last gathering
to socialize with your classmates and advisors. That said, we

certainly hope to see you at commencement and many of the events we
have  planned around graduation. We'd love to see you there and
again,congratulations and good luck with finals!

Chikodi and Monique

RSVP to mal2118@columbia.edu by 11am on Monday

4. Event:
National Institute of Health Lecture

Dr Roger Glass, Director of the Fogarty International Center and
Associate Director for International Research at the National
Institutes of Heath to speak about the Forgarty Center and its work.

December 13 - 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Glass joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1977 as
a medical officer assigned to the Environmental Hazards Branch. He
received his doctorate from the University of Goteborg, Sweden in 1984,
and joined the National Institutes of Health Laboratory of Infectious
Diseases, where he worked on the molecular biology of rotavirus. In
1986, Dr. Glass returned to the CDC to become Chief of the Viral
Gastroenteritis Unit at the National Center for Infectious Diseases.

Glass's research interests are in the prevention of gastroenteritis
from rotaviruses and noroviruses through the application of novel
scientific research. He has maintained field studies in India,
Bangladesh, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Vietnam, China and
elsewhere. His research has been targeted toward epidemiologic studies
to anticipate the introduction of rotavirus vaccines.

Breakfast will be served

Please RSVP to Betsy Ness-Edelstein at betsy@ei.columbia.edu.


5. Event:
ORGO Night!

Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 11:55pm-12:55pm
Butler 209


(Columbia University Marching Band) at their finest! The night before
the Organic Chemistry final there is a tradition for CUMB to play in
Butler! Don't ask just go...but get there early!

6. Event:

Midnight Breakfast!

Midnight Breakfast!
Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 11:30pm-1:00am Dec 14th (go before or after attending ORGO Night!)
LeFrak Gymnasium, Barnard Hall (yes it is at Barnard)


McAC Community is proud to present you with the Midnight Breakfast,
which will take place, as usual, in the LeFrak gym in Barnard Hall.
Take a break from all of your studying and come and enjoy great food,
awesome music, fun giveaways, and much, much more!
It's going to be way cool, we, like totally can't wait to see you there!

11pm - Open to Freshman
11:30pm - Open to everyone else


7. Program: Environmental Summer Internship Program

Environmental Summer Internship Program
Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals of Northern Arizona
University in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
is sponsoring the 2008 Environmental Summer Student Internship Program.
Students will have the opportunity to gain professional skills by,
assisting government agencies and Native American tribes with special
environmental projects related to air quality and environmental
protection. Projects may consist of: conducting research or conducting
field operations, developing public policy or developing environmental
education materials, working in environmental engineering or working
with GIS, spending your time in an office or spending time in the
woods.  Past internship sites include: Washington, D.C., San Francisco,
CA, Anchorage, AK, Lapwai, ID, Las Vegas, NV, Pablo, MT, Research
Triangle Park, NC, Durango CO, San Diego, CA, and Seattle, WA. With new
site all over the nation.

As a summer intern, you can:
** Assist EPA/Tribal agencies with environmental issues
** Acquire ready-to-use skills and gain meaningful experience


The 10-week internships will last from approximately June through
August. Student interns will be provided with a $4000 stipend, with
housing and travel allowances available as needed.


** Full-time Undergraduate or Graduate student with satisfactory academic standing
Major in an environmental (science, engineering, planning, policy, law,
management) or related (political science, anthropology, health) field.
** Good communication (verbal and written) and word processing skills
** An strong interest in working with Native American tribes

To apply, submit:

** An online application: http://redir.targetx.com/cgi-bin/email/redir.cgi?id=0000462335-75499322
** A 750 word essay on a local environmental issue in your community or region (part of online app.)

** A resume and three reference letters (submitted via email)
** One page letter describing your interests (submitted via email)
** Unofficial transcripts ( faxed or scanned and submitted via email)
COMPLETE application packet should be received by February 15th, 2008.

Submit required documents to:
Matthew A. Zierenberg, Program Coordinator
Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
P.O. Box 5768, Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Telephone: (928) 523-8864/1496
Fax: (928) 523-1280

Email: Matthew.Zierenberg@NAU.EDU

8. Program
: NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships
2008/2009 Academic Year

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships (NESSF)
The NASA Science Mission Directorate solicits graduate fellowship proposals from individuals

pursuing Masters or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees from accredited U.S. universities.
For the 2008-2009 academic year, the Fellowships allow and encourage submissions from individuals
pursuing interdisciplinary degrees linking NASA Earth science research with policy and management

studies. This interdisciplinary aspect of the Fellowships targets both scholars in the physical and
natural sciences with a management or policy aspect to their work and scholars in environmental and
natural resource management areas applying Earth observations and Earth system model capabilities

in their work.

NASA Earth Science Division's Applied Sciences Program promotes
applications of NASA Earth science to policy and management and
supports this portion of the NESSF. The Program encourages proposals
across a range of topics, such as policy and management of agriculture,
air quality, drought, natural disasters, ecosystems, public health, and
water resources. The Program is particularly interested in research on
decision making under uncertainty in these topic areas. The Program is
interested in proposals including and addressing methods and analytic
techniques to determine the value of socioeconomic benefits of Earth
science in policy, management, and decision making.

In addition,
the Applied Sciences Program is interested in proposals examining how
Earth science observations and models can inform or enhance the policy
frameworks, technology approaches, and assessments the nation may
consider in responding to climate change, including the
characterization of vulnerabilities and possible impacts of the policy
and technology approaches.
The maximum amount of an award is $30,000
for the 2008/2009 academic year. Each award is initially for one year
and may be renewed for up to two additional years. Awards will be in
the form of training grants to the respective universities with the
scholar's advisor serving as the principal investigator. See the
Fellowship solicitation for specific terms and conditions.
The solicitation and electronic submission are available through:

Select Solicitations, then select Open Solicitations, then select NESSF08.

Schedule, Contacts, and Information
Call for proposals issued November 1, 2007

Proposals due (new applications): February 1, 2008
Announcement of new fellowships: May 16, 2008 (target)
Start date of fellowships: September 1, 2008 (target)
Fellowship Information: Applied Sciences Program:

Ming-Ying Wei Lawrence Friedl
202-358-0771 202-358-1599
For more information about the NASA Earth Science Division Applied Sciences Program, visit: