11/4/2007 Email Update

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Brody Berg
General Studies Student Council 2007-08
Vice President of Communications

(646) 573-3735

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of General Studies,

This is the ultra-short holiday version of the weekly update.

  1. Halloween Party Review
  2. New information: Public Safety and Career
  3. Coffee-houses recommended by the Communication staff for optimum espresso enjoyment and studying during your break
  4. FAQ Request

Halloween Party Review:

The Halloween Party was a smash success, over one hundred people participated. Read more + awesome photos.

New Information:

New to http://gslounge.com:

Know of a page you want to see on
? Let me know: Brody Berg (bcb2115@columbia.edu)

Approved Espresso Establishments:

During this long holiday weekend it often pays to drink the finest espresso. In order to do that, please consult the establishments listed here that meet the guidelines set out here.

If you know of a place that serves espresso that deserves to be enjoyed let me know - Brody Berg (bcb2115@columbia.edu)

FAQ Request:

The Communication team is putting together a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" to assist students with life at Columbia, in and around New York, in the job market, handling the demands of parenting and more. Do you have ideas for questions we should answer? If so please let us know

Current FAQ's: