More Information about the Math Help Room

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Math at Columbia University is the real thing. Analytical thinking has invaded more disciplines than anyone could have imagined a generation ago. To respond to this, most majors require at least some math. The issue is that even the lowest levels of math are taught at Columbia with a tremendous amount of rigor. To handle that and offer students a way to handle the challenge, the Math department offers at least two Math Help Rooms.

One is for everything up to Calculus III and the other is for Calculus IV and beyond.

How to maximize the benefits of the Math Help Room:

  • Go early, go often
  • Go at the same times generally
  • Bring scratch paper
  • Bring some patience
  • Bring your book + notes + solution manuals + calculator
  • Don't be afraid to ask around if the tutor isn't obvious, they are students too just like you so they can blend in
  • Not all tutors are created equal, find one or two that work for you
  • Tutors aren't always able to answer all questions
  • Form a conversational relationship with your favorite tutors
  • Some tutors are literally magical, poach them for private tutoring

Etiquette Note: Yes, we can hear that music through your iPod earbuds, turn it down, we all thank you :-) If you must listen to music try some around-ear headphones so you can rock and we can calculate.