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Career Changers Workshop and Panel Event

This is the Center for Career Education event that we have been waiting for...


Changers Workshop and Panel Event

October 29th, 6:00pm –
7:30pm, Center for Career Education Conference Room


Did you have a career before
coming back to school to finish your degree? Did you spend a summer in an
internship that left you wanting to switch career paths? Are you a
non-traditional student with nontraditional/unique skills?


Whether you were a financial
advisor or a manager at a restaurant in the past, this workshop will help you
explore other career options that best utilize your background. Learn how to
translate your skills and talents for future opportunities. This event will
also include a panel discussion by alumni who have successfully transitioned
into new careers.

October Building Walkthrough

This evening myself and VP of Policy, Michael Rain walked through three buildings that GS students live in. Our goal was to understand what GS students are experiencing with their apartments and to figure out common areas we can identify for improvement.
We took nearly 150 photos of everything from bathrooms, to bedrooms to hallways and stairwells. Contact, VP of Policy, Michael Rain ( if you have questions or comments.

GSSC Weekly Update

This is your weekly update from the GSSC.  As VP of Communicaton, my
primary role is to keep you informed.  I welcome your feedback.  If you
have any questions/suggestions, please let me know by emailing me at

The contents of the update are...

  1. GS Student Council Updates
  2. Upcoming Free Excel Workshop for GS
  3. GS Brunch - Make Your Own Sushi
  4. Beyond the Closet: Queer Awareness Month 2008
  5. Community @ Large Spotlight: America Reads
  6. Interfaith Art Show Submission Deadline
  7. Kraft Family Fund Proposal Extension
  8. Volunteers Needed for Veterans Day Parade
  9. WOrD Project Volunteers Needed


 1. GS Student Council Updates

  • What did your Student Council talk about last week?  Go to the Communications Page.  The week before?  Find out on our Minutes Page
  • What is on the agenda for your Student Council this Tuesday night at 7.30pm?  Find out by previewing our Agenda.
  • Communicate directly with your student representatives.  Email the GSSC.


2. Upcoming Free Excel Workshop for GS

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