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NYC Coffee Renaissance

Bean Town

Published: October 24, 2008

SOUTHSIDE COFFEE could hardly be more obscure. It sits on a corner of a quiet street in what is called the South Slope in Brooklyn, and at first it looks like any other shop with the word “coffee” slapped on the awning: A bunch of bikes are chained outside, several customers sit at tables on the sidewalk, and inside people are hunched behind their laptops.

Joshua Sidis is the only barista this Saturday morning. Once a drink is ordered, he flicks the doser below the bean hopper several times until the scoop is full. Then he presses down the grounds with a tamper, fits the doser into the Marzocco espresso machine and lets the water seep through the grounds into a demitasse.


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Feedback Needed

Dear classmates,

I hope that midterms have treated you all well, and that you are looking forward to a few days off!  

Now that we are all halfway through our term, I need to hear from you all on several issues.  First, I want to know about students’ experience with advising.   What kinds of information are excellent and invaluable, both for a new and continuing student?  What are some areas where you think advising could go more in depth?  In general, how much guidance do you like to receive from your Dean?  These are important questions that will help inform recommendations to our fabulous Deans.  The advising that we receive at Columbia helps guide us toward academic stratum.  As your academic rep, it is important that I know what is working wonderfully, and where students could use more advice!  Send me an email with the subject heading: ADVISING.

Second, I REALLY need to hear from international students regarding their experiences with ALP.  Any and all feedback is welcome.  Tell me about your experience with the class.  I am more than happy to set up an appointment to hear any concerns in person.  Send me an email with the subject heading: ALP

Finally, I want to hear from students who are taking, or interested in taking Lit Hum and CC.  How is the class going?  How the instruction?  Did you have trouble getting in?  Did you try unsuccessfully to get in?  If you got in, did you find it useful to have almost entirely GS students, or would you have preferred if the classes were mixed with students from the other schools?  Send me an email with the heading: Core.

NROTC Forums Update

The following email message was sent by George Krebs, Columbia College Student Council President on behalf of the four undergraduate college leaders putting on the student forms about NROTC before a student survey on the issue:

From: George A. Krebs
Date: Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 3:55 PM
Subject: Re: NROTC basics

Dear Students,

In an effort to be more transparent and get information to you about what is going on with NROTC we wanted to recap what has been happening in our planning process.

First, we decided on the format for the forums that will happen before the survey. One will take place at Barnard and one at Columbia, with both using a pro vs. con setup. This means that there will be even representation for both sides of the argument and then questions about specific topics will be asked of the panel to stimulate conversation and inform the students attending the panels about NROTC. These questions will be submitted by each of your student groups and presented to the group again in our next meeting (TBA) so that students can prepare responses and not feel attacked.

Further more, these panels will be composed of students. We ask that if you are interested or know someone who is, please have them email us at, stating whether they are pro or con NROTC, this way we can put all of the people who support or do not support this in contact with one another. This will allow all interested to meet and then select three representatives for each panel, making a total of 6 people from each side of the debate. It is important to remember that you can either support your entire group's point of view, or your individual point of view in these conversations and by no means does a group have to take a stance one way or another. Individual members can be on each of the sides if you wish. In the email please also put your availability so that we can help coordinate times that your side will be able to meet.

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