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Latin Diploma Petition

Students of General Studies,

Your Student Council will begin collecting tangible proof of the wide ranging support our student body has for a GS Latin diploma.

Over the next week Council members as well as other student volunteers will be in the GS Lounge, in your classrooms and around the campus in general collecting signatures.

We need your help.

If you support a GS Latin Diploma you can

Sign a petition

  • With someone holding a physical petition either around campus or at scheduled times in the Lounge

Send an e-signature

  • By sending an email stating “Yes to a GS Latin Diploma” with your full name and UNI to me at

Please feel free to add commentary expressing why a Latin diploma is important to you.

Get involved

  • You can also download the PDF attached at the bottom of this message and collect signatures yourself. 
  • *If you plan to do this please contact me via email*

Or you can simply encourage your fellow students to view this page and send me an e-signature.

If you do not support a GS Latin Diploma

  • Send me an email, also with your full name and UNI expressing why you do not support this change

If you would like to know more about the history of diplomas at Columbia please visit

The GSSC looks forward to reaching out to you and gathering your expressed support as we continue to work help improve your student lives.

Kind regards,

Michael Rain
Vice-President of Policy

Latin Diploma Forum

Read and participate in the forum we put up about the Latin Diploma - you can find it in the forum at:

Can you figure skate and go to Columbia.....PART 2!

So everyone I'm sorry for the late sequel...but a lot has happened since blog number uno!

So here's the story..

(Back story first): I used to skate pairs...which is when a girl and a boy skate together (no you can't have a pair of the same gender. yes i have checked the rules) and the boy throws and lifts the girl.

(Now the real story): In May, right before finals may i add, I received a call from my old skating coach in New Jersey that if I wanted to there was a Canadian guy who wanted to try-out with me there. So, I decided that I'd go do it for fun, and I (shhh!) skipped a few classes to drive down there.

When I went down there the try-out went great and after I had another try-out I decided to skate with him...his name is Chad by-the-way.

Here's the catch (well catch not so much): he skates for Greece and we would be going to the World Championships, and if we place in the top 16 we would go to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. OH MY GOD.

Now, for the past 5 1/2 months I have been traveling all over the world to Germany, France, Monaco, and soon Croatia for competitions. Unfortunately I have had to take a leave of absence from Columbia. I live in Montreal, Canada now to train....but I will visiting Columbia again soon!!

So, seeing as how Columbia does not have correspondence courses....skating and going to Columbia I guess will have to be put on hold!.........hey, but its only for the Olympics ;-)Chad and I

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